a person or being with the ability to change their physical form at will.


Shaping your body starts with shifting your mind.

This is where you learn to do both!


Are you tired of...

  • Feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle of dropping and gaining the same stubborn pounds over and over again?
  • Being exhausted, unmotivated and sluggish, no matter how many double lattes you drink?
  • Feeling like a slave to old habits that are keeping you overweight, frustrated and unhappy?

Wish you could...

  • Implement healthy habits and routines that actually stick?

  • Stop those sugar cravings for good?
  • Feel confident and sexy in your body again?
  • Increase your muscle mass and speed up your metabolism?
  • Feel calmer, clearer, lighter and more focused?
  • Finally sleep better on a consistent basis?

I get it. There are so many directions to turn when you’re trying to lose weight and live healthier...a new cleanse to try, an expensive smoothie to drink, a hot class craze to join. 

Been there, tried that and gave it up because it wasn’t sustainable. After a few months, my bad habits crept right back in and the cycle would repeat itself. 

So here’s the real deal
my friends

shift the mind,
to shape the body

The only surefire way to get the strong, healthy body you know you were meant to have is by doing the internal work alongside the physical

Once you master that, you’re wired for long-term success
instead of the being stuck on the never-ending diet train


Introducing 360 shift

The 21-day program that transforms
your body from the inside out


Because when you take control of your whole self, it all comes together to make a lasting shift

The 360 Shift is special because it takes into account all of you—your mind, your habits, your food, your intentions, your motivations, and your workouts. It’s a realistic approach with a holistic backbone.

Let’s get to the core reasons you’re sticking with your bad habits now, so you can break your existing patterns and create a lasting transformation.          


What's Included?

Powerful workout videos
That fit into any schedule and any fitness level

Guided meditations
By yogi Lauren Lee to help you slow down, become fully present, and make choices that are in alignment with your goals, so you can create lasting change

An evening yoga routine by yogi Lauren Lee
To help you relax at the end of the day

Guided journaling
That will help you dig deeper, discover what drives you and more importantly what’s holding you back


Easy-to-follow meal plan
That includes only real food that tastes great and gives your body what it needs to thrive

A Recipe Book
Full of my favorite clean recipes that are easy to make

An online community
Full of other shifters for extra support and accountability

Invaluable tips
On everything from mindful eating to how to make this transformational program work for you in the long run


what people are saying...


- Kathy

Jennifer's 360 Shift program is the real deal!!!  After years of struggling with my weight - trying every diet fad only to watch the scale creeping up - I tried the 360 Shift and the results were AMAZING.

- Stella

This program coupled with Jen's positive energy and supportive soul, I feel like a new person. Meditating has helped me accept and let go of things I cannot control; journaling has eased my anxiety and boosted my self-worth; the workouts have made me stronger and more toned and eating clean allowed me to rid harmful toxins from my body that caused my belly fat as well as my anxiety and depression.

- Amber

The morning rituals have transformed my life! They have helped me to connect with my emotions and to feel better about myself. I’m not frazzled when I get to work, and I feel very grounded. Because of this, I’m able to make all the right food choices…especially if I go out to lunch or dinner.


360 Shift Plans

Three ways to transform your body & mind


360 Shift


360 shift

Digital 360 Shift Download
Instantly download the 360 Shift files & gain access to the 360 Shift Facebook Community.

Virtual Intensive


virtual intensive

Virtual Intensive Coaching
I’ll be your personal coach as you go through your complete shift & for 2 months after to make sure you’re still on track.

VIP Shift

vip shift

One-On-One 360 Shift Coaching
Full support the whole way through your transformation with Private Training, and tailored workouts for your body & lifestyle.