About Me


let me tell you the story 
you haven't been able to Google....


Until now I have done a pretty great job at remaining super guarded and only publicly revealing the most awesome parts of my life. You know the shiny, pretty, retouched "insta-worthy" ones!

Ah ha moment: Real life isn't perfectly lit and photoshoot ready.

It's flawed and that's what makes it glorious.

My mission in life is to inspire, uplift and motivate people to make shifts to become the best possible version of themselves.

In order to do that I need to bring my full self to the table. The good, the bad and imperfect!

This new site is all about breaking down the wall, getting real and truly connecting with each and every one of you.


so let's begin by setting one thing straight...I am FAR from perfect. 


I don't always know the answer, my body doesn't resemble the fitness models in magazines unless I manipulate my diet for weeks, and curating a beautiful Instagram pic is definitely not my forte. It has taken me awhile to figure out that perfectionism is the enemy of progress, and it wasn't until I let go of trying to be perfect that I became unstuck, in flow and truly available. 


It was then that a resilience that I didn't even know I had kicked in and guided me towards a massive shift.


Getting to a place where I could actually guide others towards living a healthy life was not an easy journey. What many people don’t know is that I spent most of my teenage years and early twenties battling an eating disorder. 
My life was a constant cycle of restricting, dieting, binge eating and over exercising. I placed all of my self-worth on body-image and found my identity in the boyfriend I had at the time. It wasn’t until the day I hit rock bottom that I finally woke up and started my journey towards true self-discovery. The relationship that I was in crumbled and I found myself alone, unhappy, unfulfilled, broke and unhealthy. 
It was then that a resilience that I didn't even know I had kicked in and guided me towards a massive shift. 


I spent the next 5 years of my life working on becoming mentally and physically strong. 


I changed my workouts from hours steady state cardio to only weight lifting and high intensity interval training. I started being kind to my body and learned how to feed it the clean fuel it needed to grow stronger instead of restricting calories. Not only did this make me look better than ever, but it also made me feel energized, in flow and unstoppable! 
I no longer gave a sh*t if I had a 6 pack. (For the record I do not currently have a 6 pack). I care more about feeling amazing in my body and being the most healthy, vibrant, and confident version of myself.

I took this new knowledge, strength and love for fitness and used it to grow my personal training business helping others transform their lives. Watching my clients gain control of their lives and create the body of their dreams fueled my passion to grow so I could continue inspire. 

This new found curiosity for self love and empowerment snowballed from my physical body to my soul. I discovered yoga and meditation. 
My new spiritual practice played a huge role in finding my life’s purpose which led me towards fulfilling my dream of running my own business. I am now the boss of my life and I continue to stay curious and inspired to create ways to serve others. 

The road definitely hasn't always been smooth. My family has faced challenges, my TV show was cancelled, I have had my fair share of heartbreak. I have slipped and fallen more than a few times along the way, and I am sure my life will continue to be full of challenges.


However, every challenge I have faced and conquered has given me the tools I use today to help others in their transformations. 


Every amazing and not so amazing experience has lead me here. 
Every little shift has helped to shape my current reality which is FAR from perfect, but pretty freakin fun and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Ok now that we have officially become besties, let's talk about YOU.

 Tell me your story. Tell me what’s holding you back from shaping the body and life you imagine. 

Ready to shift?


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