"It was her personal story that she shared with me that changed me forever."

When I started working with Jen, I had an unhealthy obsession with eating and working out. I also hated my body and my self confidence was in the gutter.

Enter Jen - who seemed like an angel sent down to me at the perfect moment. Jen's insane knowledge about weight training, clean eating and body makeup impressed me immediately. But it was her personal story that she shared with me that changed me forever.

She helped me realize it is possible to shift your mind and make your goals a reality without looking back. Her emotional connection with her clients and her ability to lead by example make Jen the most incredible, motivated and compassionate human I've ever met. I'm honored to have her in my life and believe in her work 3,000%.

- Amalia B.

"Jennifer Gottlieb changed my body but, she also changed my life."

It's a dramatic statement to say but it also happens to be very true. Jennifer has a deep warmth, compassion and kindness and generosity of spirit. But she is one serious woman about getting you to be goals, whatever they may be. She will guide you and push you and talk you through those moments and weeks you get stuck and plateau. She knows fitness and nutrition and will tailor your program on a week to week basis. And, as lovely as she is to talk to for an hour during your session, she will call you out when you make excuses. This is NOT a woman who coddles you.

In my case - she took an obese emotional eater who lived on wine and pasta who hated working out into a "clean eater" who loves exercise. I never thought I would be that person, and it's still a work in progress. I'm down 30 pounds and have 20 to go. But these days -- i look in the mirror and smile when I see myself. I have a new lease on life, literally.

Besides looking healthy and fit, I can run and hike and bike as fast as my peers. I've dramatically lowered my chance at heart disease - a major risk that runs in my family. I've learned to challenge myself physically. I got alarmed one day because I found a bump in my arm and thought it was cancer - only to realize, it was a BICEP.

When I went to my old gym recently after a year away, a person who worked on the floor (and remembered the "old me") said: "GIRL! You are tiny and working so hard! I love it! I remember when you used to come in here and pretend to be on the elliptical but check your email and wipe your face with a towel and get off after five minutes. And look at you now! You're sweating up a storm!" That is the power of Jennifer Gottlieb.

- Danielle G.


Let's Work Together


"I lost an outrageous amount
of weight."

Jen has been the most amazing person to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and caring. She has always been quick to respond to any question I may have. She has been full of praise when I have done a great job, which has been highly motivating.

Jen was able to take a weight problem I had been struggling with for many years and turned it around in a very short time. I lost an outrageous amount of weight (50 lbs) in just around 3 months. Jen has made a huge impact on me and I am very grateful to be able to work with her.

- Gary S.

"I look forward to kicking my own butt in the gym, knowing that Jennifer is supporting me right through it all"

On May 26th, 2013 my journey with Jennifer began. In that one phone conversation Jennifer went from personal trainer, to nutritionist, to life coach, to friend. Seems like a lot for one person to handle. Not this woman. From the first moment we spoke, Jennifer broke me down, please don’t read into that as a bad thing.

Jennifer made it so much easier for me to open up about my struggles with self image, worth, HEALTH. She is there for you 1,000% all the time. What I value most about Jennifer is her honesty. Her honesty has made me strive to be a better me, a healthier me. Within two months I have gained almost 2lbs of muscle and have lost inches off my waist and hips, I’ve never had more energy, strength, and confidence.

With each workout I am lifting heavier and heavier and not bulking up (a constant fear with women). I look forward to kicking my own butt in the gym, knowing that Jennifer is supporting me right through it all. The biggest wake up call was sending Jen my first photo and having her say to me “why do you look so sad, you’re beautiful!” Now, with my most recent photo, I feel like I’m on top of the world and every time I see myself in the mirror especially when I’m working out I’m proud of who I am and what I look like.

When you speak about your progress Jen is sincerely taking it all in and responding as if she is the one going through it with you. That’s the difference with Jen, she is experiencing every bump, triumph, and goal with you. Jennifer changed my life, and honestly she saved it.

- Mary Katherine D.

"Jen’s commitment to her clients
is unparalleled."

As a 33 year old, single, overweight former athlete living in manhattan, I was ready to take back control of my life. I’d lost 25 pounds on Weight Watchers years earlier, but I wanted to change my lifestyle, not just adopt a new, unsustainable diet.

I classified myself as moderately active – for stretches of time I’d commit to the gym and spinning three to four days a week. In the month leading up to meeting Jen, I took five or six spin classes a week, often throwing in a double session on the weekend. But my body wasn’t changing and I was frustrated. I asked a friend for a trainer recommendation and was introduced to Jen. Within the first five minutes of our initial assessment, I knew she was it!

I was willing to commute to the Upper West Side from Greenwich Village at 6am because I knew I needed to train with someone who would motivate me, encourage me, and be fun to hang out with (especially at that hour). Those qualities shined through in Jen even in our first meeting. What has ensued over the last five months is nothing short of incredible – at least that’s what my mom and grandma tell me. I’ve lost 27 pounds, shed more than five inches from my waist and lots of inches from other areas, gone from a size 8/10 to a 4/6, regained a confidence in myself I didn’t realize was missing and met a fabulous guy.

Jen’s commitment to her clients is unparalleled – she is my biggest cheerleader and strongest motivator and she demands hard work in return. She is extremely knowledgeable and adapts workouts and food plans to meet the needs of her clients. She makes herself available around the clock and goes to great lengths to ensure her clients are getting what they need to be successful.

Working with Jen was one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve made in a long time – I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to change their life!!" -

 - Jamie M.

"...having her as a teammate on this life change is what has helped me achieve a life I never thought possible."

I like to call it a life change, because not only has she taught me the correct way to exercise, and eat, but she has overall taught me the healthy way to lose weight; keep weight off, and STILL be able to have a life.

Jennifer is an amazing trainer not only because I now call her friend, but because she WILL call you out when you get off of track; she WILL give you great tips on how to avoid getting stuck in a bad place; and she WILL be there for you through every step. I was that person that thought if I lifted any weights I would bulk up; I was that person that did NOT know how to cook; I was also that person that honestly just liked food! Jennifer has taught me that not only will I not bulk up when lifting weights, but that I will actually look more feminine and toned!

Jennifer talked me how to make clean, healthy food that I actually now like! Jennifer has taught me that liking food is ok…just the right kind of food:-) My career does not provide the best environment for losing and keeping weight off….I have a ton of after work events, dinners and travel a ton.

Having Jennifer as my trainer has taught me that I can do this and continue to do it. It isn't easy; but having her as a teammate on this life change is what has helped me achieve a life I never thought possible.

- Jackie M.

"Only eight weeks in and working with Jen has been life-changing!"

Choosing Jen to be my trainer was the best decision I have made in my life. Only eight weeks in and working with Jen has been life-changing!

Jen is tough and demanding, but she also recognizes when you need encouragement and support. More than just focusing on you for the hour you’re working out together, she truly cares about what you’re doing the other 23 hours of the day. More importantly, she makes me laugh and when I don’t want to do another sit-up, squat or kettlebell swing that’s what helps me get through it!

- Meaghan R.

"I now love fitness and have learned a whole new way of clean eating thanks to Jen!"

I started training with Jen to get in shape for my wedding. After my wedding I decided I wanted to continue training with her because she changed my life completely.

I now love fitness and have learned a whole new way of clean eating thanks to Jen!

- Keri H.


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