Highjack Your Hunger with Mindful Eating

would happen if we just took a minute to sit down and actually be present while we eat? I’ll tell you what will happen, your food will taste better and you will eat less! Here are 7 strategies to bring our brains back to our plate so we can stop overeating and start shifting towards our healthiest, most badass selves!

GAME CHANGER: Morning Rituals

There has been many examinations of morning rituals and which ones work the best. Everyone you speak to will have a different opinion, but one thing that all of the research will agree with is that a structured morning routine will set you up for a successful day. In this post I will share with you exactly how I start my morning. I hope you can use some of these strategies to create your own kick ass morning routine!

GAME CHANGER: Meditation

Meditation is so hot right now. CEO’s of huge companies, athletes and celebrities are all swearing by this mindfulness stuff. With all of the incredible benefits, it's no surprise that it has finally caught on to the masses. In this article I share my experience with meditation and why you should absolutely give it a go!

Chair Workouts with Good Morning Washington!

I took a little trip out to DC again to workout with the peeps over at Good Morning Washington. I had a blast teaching Kidd and Autria a super quick high intensity workout you can do with only a chair. Give it a try and tell me what you think!

Preventing Plateaus

The workouts and healthy diet just aren't working the way they used to? You have probably hit… (cue suspenseful scary music) …a PLATEAU. Don’t panic friends! This is a very common problem, and there are ways to get you back on the fast track towards your goal.