Chair Workouts with Good Morning Washington!

The top excuses I hear for not exercising are the following: “I don’t have time to go to the gym” “I cant afford to go to the gym” and the classic “I just don't have time”. When the producers at Good Morning Washington asked me to come and shoot a fitness segment, I knew the perfect topic to tackle! I came up with a super quick full body workout that you can do anywhere using only a chair. Everyone has access to a chair. Even if you are suck in a tiny cubicle at work all day and have no space on the floor to exercise, you still have a chair! I had a lot of fun with Kidd and Autria showing them this great little calorie crusher! Give it a try!

If you are a seasoned exerciser and are in great shape repeat the circuit 5 times. If your just starting out, start with 3. Have fun! 


Squats: 15

With feet hip width apart, sit down on the chair just barely touching your butt to the seat. Stand up and squeeze the glutes together.

Pushups on seat: 15 

Place hands on the seat of the chair and line the feet up with the shoulders. Lower your chest to the chair and push back up all while keeping your hips in line with your shoulders. 

Chair Runner (bicycles): 30 

Sit on the chair with your legs extended straight out. Bring your opposite elbow to opposite knee all while leaning back on a 45 degree angle and engaging the stomach muscles. 

Tricep dips on seat: 15 

Face away from the chair with your hands on the edge of the seat and your fingers facing away from the chair. Lower your body down by bending your elbows. Push back up to starting position. 

Mountain climbers: 30 seconds

Get into the same position as the pushup. Alternate bringing the knees into the chest. Try to do this motion as fast as you can so that you feel like you are running while keeping the hips in line with the shoulders.

Standing Kick backs: 15 each leg 

Stand facing the chair with one arm on the top of the back rest and one hand on the seat or arm rest. Kick the leg behind you. Do not put the foot down between reps.