4 Ways to Actually Stick to Your Weight Loss Resolution this Year

Happy New Year! 

It’s January 1st 2017 and by the looks of my news feed, many of you are officially on day one of your goal to get in shape. If this is you, congrats for making the decision to shift into a new and improved version of yourself! Now Im gonna go out on a limb here and say that this isn't your first rodeo when it comes to making a resolution to lose weight. Every year millions of Americans set their intentions on making this year the year that they finally change their lifestyle and create that rockin' bod of their dreams. Well, we all know what usually ends up happening. The gyms are slammed from January 1st until about March 1st and then all the sudden everyone is back to their old habits, the weight creeps back on and the cycle continues. I hate to break it to you guys, but when it comes to making lasting change it takes a little more work and effort than just signing up for a gym membership. You need to first shift your mindset if you want shape the body of your dreams. “Well how do I do that Jen!?” you may ask.

Well, think of it this way... if you were going to build a house, the very first thing you would look at is its foundation right? You want to make sure the land is just right and that it is structured properly to withstand the weight of the entire building on top of it. If you don't set the right foundation, the building probably won’t last very long. This same concept is true when it comes to changing your body and shifting your mindset this year. If you have an unsteady infrastructure, your new healthy habits will eventually start to fall apart.  

Here are my 4 favorite tips for setting up a sturdy foundation so that your New Years weight loss resolution sticks this year. 

1. Trash Your Triggers

Triggers are all of those little evil things that cause our brain to crave a habit such as unhealthy snacking. For some people, a trigger can be as sneaky as an innocent vanilla cookie scented candle, or as obvious as a jar of jelly beans on the coffee table. If you want to create change, but the triggers that initiate old habits still exists, your pretty much setting yourself up for failure. To create new habits, you need to remove as many of those triggers from your world as possible and replace them with positive ones. Think about the spaces that you are usually in when bad cravings strike. Is it on the couch in front of the TV? Laying in bed? Is it while driving? Sitting at your desk? Go to all of those spaces and do a complete clean out. For example, let’s say you have a habit of mindlessly eating candy while sitting at your desk. Clean out and reorganize your desk so that it looks totally different. Reposition the items on it and clean out the drawers. Remove any items that trigger an unhealthy habit and replace them with something that motivates you or reminds you of your goals. Make it a fresh, new space where fresh, new, healthy habits will begin. The same goes for any other space that you regularly occupy.

2. Do a Kitchen Clean out

This is kind of in the same category as number 1. However I am giving it it's own paragraph because it is just that important! One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to do a refrigerator cleanse. Start a fresh by removing EVERYTHING. Wipe out the counters and drawers and make it a shiny new space for fresh new foods! Only put back items that are in your new plan and toss the rest or donate them to a homeless shelter or food bank. Make it so that there is no possible way to self sabotage while you are in your home. Out of sight out of mind!

3. Live by your schedule

This is extremely important! I am sure you are awesome at scheduling meetings for work or dates with friends. Use those badass ical scheduling skills you have and create appointments with the gym. At the beginning of each week, Plug your workouts into your schedule. Go even further and write in detail what specific workout will be doing that day. The more specific the better. Never walk into the gym without a plan. Same goes for scheduling your meals. Take a few minutes to plan out what you will be eating each day. You are much less likely to make an impromptu bad choice if you have mapped out your day ahead of time. If you know you are going out to eat for a meal, look at the menu in advance and go in with a plan. Preparation is KEY!   

4. Get your tribe on board

Last but not least contact the people closest to you and tell them about your mission. Ask for their patience, support and accountability. The more people that know about your goal the better. Social media is a great tool for this. Let your friends know what you are doing and ask them if they want to join in! If you have children, this is a great opportunity for you to teach them about the importance of healthy eating and exercise. The more people you have on board rooting for you, the less likely you are to give up. 

There you have it friends! Implement these strategies this year and be ready for a REAL, LASTING lifestyle shift sprinkled with some weight loss as an added bonus. Lets make a resolution to have a different resolution come 2018! Happy New Year!