Confession... I am Not a Personal Trainer.

I know what you are thinking... Jen what the hell? Your bread and butter is personal training... why on earth would you write a blog with this title?! Are you OK!? Everyone relax. I am better than ever and I am not having an early midlife crisis.

I just got off of a call with a very special client and had an ah ha moment like no other that needs to be shared. This client has not only inspired me by completely transforming his life and body, but he has also given me the greatest gift of all time. The realization that how I actually show up for the people I serve is not in alignment with how it looks to the world. Yes, I really just said that. I know... this is big! For years I was convinced that I was a personal trainer. That my job was to help people improve their overall health and physical appearance. Don't get me wrong, I definitely do those things and I enjoy that aspect of my job. You can refer to me as personal trainer if you wish, but for me to sit here and tell you that my ultimate mission in life is helping people understand the science of building muscle mass or losing fat would be a lie. What I am finally coming to realize is that the work my clients and I do together goes much deeper than biceps and six packs. 

My client Gary began his journey with me because he wanted to lose weight. I put him on my 360 Shift Virtual Intensive program and within about 6 months he was down 70lbs. With those 70lbs came a new confidence and fire that Gary had no idea was hiding within him. We decided to embrace this new outlook and start tackling goals that he was previously too scared to even think about. Gary has an awesome 9 to 5 job that pays the bills but what I didn’t know at the time was that he was an extremely talented musician and comedian! He shared with me that he always wanted to pursue his music career but never had the courage or motivation to do it. This was all I needed to hear to shift the direction of our coaching away from his physical appearance and towards creating the life of his dreams!


Gary's physical transformation was just the beginning!

Fast forward to now, Gary has an entire album produced, his first music video up on youtube and has launched a website featuring his comedy and music. He is now on his way to accomplishing goals that he never thought were even a possibility a year ago like performing his music in front of a live audience. The world is a different place for Gary now. The shift began with shaping his physical body and snowballed straight to his soul.  

Stories like Gary’s are happening regularly in my business and I am finally able to come out of the closet to myself and the rest of the world that what I am doing is not just personal training. It’s not just about the outer appearance. I help people come into their truth. I help them find the person they were meant to be. I teach healthy eating and exercise as tools to feed their soul so that they have the courage and strength to reach for their fullest potential. It feels so good to finally realize that this is my life’s work. This is my purpose. So this post is for Gary and all of my other clients (you know who you are) who have helped me come into my truth just as much as I have helped them. SO much love and gratitude!

I invite you to look at how you are showing up in the world. Does it align with the work that you are actually doing? Come out and let the world know about the gifts you are sharing with others! At least tell me in the comments below :)