5 Ways Exercising Makes You More Money (#3 is my favorite)

Have you ever thought, “I don’t have time to exercise today”?

After reading this you will never feel that way again…

5 reasons exercise will help you make more money

1. Working out will make you smarter.

When you exercise, you get increased blood to the brain. AND you get improvement of “synaptic plasticity”, which is the ability for your neurons to send and receive messages.

2. Exercise will improve productivity and decision making!

A good ol’ sweat sessions boosts the production “brain-derived neurotrophic factor” (BDFN) which is a badass protein that helps with mental processes.

3. Working out makes you HAPPY and less stressed.

This puts you in a more positive and ABUNDANT mindset so you can easily manifest that cheddar. Hormones like dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine are all feel good chemicals that are released when you workout. Have you ever been in a bad mood after working out?… Enough said.

 4. Regular exercise improves sleep.

Better sleep means you can be sharper and more aware during your work day. A good night’s sleep will also improve memory and creativity. All of those creative juices may just trigger that next million dollar idea!

5. Working out makes you MORE CONFIDENT.

Let’s not forget that being fit keeps us feeling hot and sexy. When we look good we feel good. And when we feel good we have the confidence to put ourselves out there, ask for what we want, and make shit happen!

All of the reasons above are why I make exercise a scheduled part of my work day. It is as big of a priority as any meeting, sales call or class.

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