How to Blast Through Self-Limiting Beliefs

Fact #1: You become what you believe.

A lot of people deprive themselves of success by using excuses like:

“I am bigger boned”
“I am just built thicker”
“I am just not the type of person who can lose weight.”

They rationalize keeping a body they are unhappy with.

Guess what guys... I used to say this to myself ALL the time!

And it kept me in an unhappy and unhealthy place for years.

Don't believe me? There was a time in my life when I was 50lbs heavier than I am now! (see photo!) I am not saying this wasn’t beautiful. In fact, looking back now I think it was!

However- I was extremely unhealthy at this time in my life and never felt good in my body.

I always considered myself “thick” and never thought I would ever have healthy and slender body I have now.

This *LIMITING BELIEF*  was keeping me stuck at that set point because I made this belief “a fact,” and so I could never move past it.  

How did this belief keep my unhappy and unhealthy?

Because I never believed it was possible to create the body I wanted, I never REALLY tried.

And if I never tried to lose weight and get healthy, how was it going to ever happen?

It wasn't until I started BELIEVING that I could have a health body that I started creating it.

Then a magical thing happened...

💫It became easy!

I have completely changed the "set point" for my health, and now I maintain it in a realistic, sustainable way.

FACT #2: Nobody is ever stuck in a body they aren’t happy with.

FACT #3: It is TOTALLY possible for you to create the ultimate vision you see for yourself, your body, and your life. You just need to believe you can do it.

Once you start believing it is possible for you, things that you used to think were “impossible” will become easy. And you start seeing amazing results.

It's all about you CHOOSING to and BELIEVING that it is possible!

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