The Morning Ritual That Changed My Life

I did these 9 things before breakfast for a year and it changed my life!

Here they are...

1. NO MORE SNOOZE- Hitting the snooze is like giving the universe the middle finger and saying “I’m not excited for this day and the first thing I choose to do is procrastinate.” Instead, even if I’m exhausted, I get right up and say “today is the best day ever.”

2. MAKE THE BED- This action alone has changed my life. It helps me start my day off with a win and sets the tone for a day full of winning! My mind is also much more clear when my environment is neat and clean.

3. AIRPLANE MODE- The first hour of my day is for ME. Opening my phone immediately puts me into REACTION/COMPARISON mode and sets a stressed out tone for the day. No bueno.

4. DUMP LIST- My “monkey mind” is cray in the morning. So I put pen to paper and just dump out all the thoughts, to-do’s, fears, dreams.. everything.

5. GRATITUDE- it is impossible to be grateful and grumpy at the same time. When I started focusing on what I’m grateful for having instead of what I’m lacking my life changed.

6. AFFIRMATIONS- Never underestimate the magical powers of “I am....” I write down my affirmations and then read them over a few times. EVEN if I don’t believe them (which is often). This is how you reprogram your subconscious mind and crush limiting beliefs that hold you back. I promise, if you do your "I ams" enough... you will start to believe them and then actually manifest them!

7. READ 1 CHAPTER A DAY- This forces me to read more books! 1 chapter a day is much less intimidating and overwhelming.

8. MEDITATE- Meditation is like my my safe, quiet space to just be, breathe and LET GO. After I meditate I feel like I just walked out of a spa. I am energized but relaxed and CLEAR.

9.  TELL ONE PERSON YOU LOVE THEM- Nothing  puts you in peak state more than true connection and making someone else feel good!

Figuring this out my 9-step morning ritual has completely shifted my life, business and relationships.

And it turns out that the most successful people on planet have morning rituals too.

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